Northern Rockies regional municipality upgrades its SCADA for all water and wastewater treatment operations

The Northern Rockies Region of northeastern British Columbia is blessed with a significant wealth and diversity of natural resources, heritage and cultural attributes.

Over the last four decades, the region has experienced up and down cycles due to the growth and decline of numerous resources and development activities. There have been interesting development proposals such as the Horn River Shale Gas Development, a working partnership that would link the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, Fort Nelson, and First Nation communities with the oil and gas industry and provincial government agencies.

In support of this partnership, the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality water and wastewater treatment facilities - comprising of a network of pump houses and other facilities - produces the treated water needed to run operations for the oil & gas patch and forest & mining activities, in addition to serving its population of about 5,000 residents. They have a bulk water station that furnishes water for those who are not on municipal water and to the trucks that transport water to operations in the oil/gas patch, such as for fracking.

According to Ferguson, the municipality recently moved from Siemens’ now-legacy product FactoryLink, to PcVue for use with their SCADA system. He also mentions that Fort Nelson’s SCADA system includes 22 Motorola ACE RTUs at various pump and lift stations, which communicate over a 900 MHz IP Radio network. "We have two Motorola IP Gateways (of the ACE3600 platform), which are primary and redundantly configured. The IP Gateways are the interposing link between the network of field RTUs and the managing Servers (also redundantly configured). Our servers are located at the Municipalities Water Treatment Plant." Read more

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Friday, 20 October 2017